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1.What is Anno1777?

2.How do i open an account ?

3.Why am i asked to give out my phone number ?

4.How do i verify my phone number ?

5.Why am i asked to give out my phone number ?

Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 4104 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

So ..you want to become a politician , well ..why not , i'll teach you all you need to know.

  • The world of Anno1777 is divided in countries governed by players who become governers by vote.Each month (on 1,2,3,4 th) in every country elections are organized. To run for office you will need to pay a 5 gold fee and fill in a form , you can do that by selecting the  Presidency & Government page  link wich will become active during the elections.
  • As soon as the application is sent , people will be able to review it and if they choose to even vote for you. This application will be a mirror in wich other people can see who you are and what you are trying to do for them so make it convincing. Another way to ensure your succes is by using all media tools available , that includes advertising your political campaign in the local newspapers or buying ads in the game.
  • The winners are decided by the number of votes each candidate receives.The player with the most votes will become president , the rest of the 18 candidates will become governors. If there is a tie score for the last two candidates the system will decide who gets to be governer by comparing their wellness, the one with the most wellness will win. Once you become governor you will have acces to a special interface , to acces that interface click on the link placed on the lower side of each page called "Government” .
  • There you will be able to review any laws that you wish to promote/propose. Keep in mind that for a law to pass the voting procces, it needs to be voted by at least 5 governors and to have more people voting in favour of the law then against it. To promote laws go to the Government page link / pass laws section, there you will find listed all the laws you can propose.  Laws can only be voted by governors or by the elected president , the president vote will count as 5 governor votes. Each promoted  law will be under scrutiny ... Read more »
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 1661 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

This here is pure gold, so pay attention

Welcome to the dirty world of politics. You thought things suck only in the real world ? You probably havn’t been playing anno for too long.If you plan on becoming a politician, you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will bring you a few steps closer you your goal.

To run for the office you will have to have a full profile and pay a 5 gold tax as signup for the elections.

First we want people to know who we are.

How can we do that ?

  • Media – People read newspapers everyday, your face in an article and a powerfull message can bring you a few votes when the time comes. Give as many interviews . During your media campaign use one short sentence , like obama used "CHANGE” , or "NO TAXES” people seem to like that stuff.
  • It’s election day – Start sending messages to as many players you can, be brief, no one reads more then 3 lines and don’t spam or they’ll get mad and won’t vote for you, Just present yourself and what you’ll wanna do once you get elected.
  • When all this fails you can always buy your way into the office. You’ll be surprised how many people will offer you their vote for 1 gold piece. If you choose this method though expect your name to be tarnished forever in the game , the opposition will always remember you how you got elected and why you shouldn’t be in the government. But hey ….you did got elected so it’s up to you to decide wich end justifies the means.

What can you do as a govenor ?

  • Main role of a governor is to pass laws , there are 19 seats including the president wich has 6 votes , the governor only has 1 vote.
  • Propose a law to grant high bonuses and lower taxes and people will cheer for you. Be carefull though they will quickly forget all your "good deeds” if the budget runs dry.
  • The budget is fueled with all 3 types of currency euro, gold and usd , the bonuses are always paid in local currency so if you have gold or euro in the budget  you will sell it on the  financial market , you can do that as a governor. ... Read more »
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 1374 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

Who says i'm homeless, just so you know i have my own den.

You have finally decided that being homeless is not very pleasant or maybe you wish to start your own real estate bussiness. Houses will always be need it in the world of Anno1777, they wil always be sold/bought or rented , being able to reside in a house can provide you with great wellness and we all know what wellness means – more income .

Before you learn how to sell/buy/rent a house there’s a few things you need to know :

  • A house is not degradable wich means it will last you forever
  • You can’t rent a house in another region
  • You need to reside in the house to receive your wellness bonus
  • The bonus from a house is not applied to your wellnes instantly but throughout a day’s period.
  • You can’t live in two houses at the same time
Depending on their quality, houses can provide the following wellness bonuses :
  • 1 star   -  5 points of wellness
  • 2 stars – 10 points of wellness
  • 3 stars – 15 points of wellness
  • 4 stars – 20 points of wellness
  • 5 stars – 25 of wellness

To buy a house go to the Real Estate market tab and select the buy house section,once there you will find listed all available houses in your region and their price you can use the star rating system to select the quality of the house you wish to buy , once you’ve decided click the buy button you can buy as many houses as you want , people usually buy more houses to rent them.

Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 1916 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

Oh...it's you again , let me guess you want to make coins .....nothing wrong with that as long as you stay away from what's mine.

In Anno1777 the financial market is a mechanism that allows people to buy and sell  financial securities (such as stocks and bonds) open bank accounts  or exchange currency on the currency exchange market. With a very competitive market economy it allows many interested buyers and sellers to meet in one "place”, thus making it easier for them to find each other and trade their "goods”.

The capital market in anno consists of :

  • Currency exchange market – it allows people to exchange different types of currency (EURO/GOLD or Local Currency)  wich means a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency To exchange any  type of currency go to Financial Market tab in the main menu and select the currency exchange section.
  • Banks – allow people to take loans to open current accounts or to make deposits, you can find the bank section by going to the financial marekt tab in the main menu and selecting  Banks , there you will find three tabs loans , accounts and deposits.
  • Stock market – The securities traded on the stock exchange market section are shares wich may or may not  provide income to their owners.Finding out wich shares are worth buying may prove essential if you plan on becoming a stock exchange broker. To find the Stock exchange market section go to Financial Market tab in the main menu and select "Shares” tab , there you will find listed all available shares for sale and details like current owner , number of current stocks for sale and the price/1share .To buy shares  you need to fill in the quantity you wish to aquire and press the buy button.Share prices tend to rise or remain stable when companies and the economy in general show signs of stability and growth.
  • Bonds market – Bonds are financial titles issued by the governments. With these bonds a government basically loans money from players. You will receive interests when owning a bond , bonds are guaranteed by the system. Bonds are issued in gold or local c ... Read more »
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 2140 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

Oy this  is my gold , if you want your own coins start reading , who knows maybe you'll get lucky too.

What is the Financial Market ?

Probably the place where you’ll make most of your money , if you’re
smart, fast and lucky. "Buying low and selling high” can make you a lot
of euros in just a few seconds , will you be fast enough to buy before
everyone else when the exchange rate drops ?

Let’s say you’re a resident of USA , obviously your local currency
wil be the USD. Before we advance with our tutorial you must understand
that on the financial market we can work with 3 types of currency :

  • EURO
  • GOLD
  • Local Currency ( in our case the US dollar)

  • EURO – It’s a global market so it’s behaviour will be influenced by every citizen of every country that buys or sells EUROS.

  • GOLD – Is the second currency in anno. If you
    decide to keep your cash in gold you can speculate on the euro market ,
    by buying everytime someone sells and selling back when the exchange
    rate rises. People usually sell or buy 2 or 3 euro so there’s not much
    room for bigger gains.
  • LOCAL CURRENCY – This is probably the most
    speculated market in the game, it can bring huge gains (like 100 euro in
    just a few seconds). Imagine someone selling 1000 gold units on the
    market the local currency will fall to 3 maybe 4 USD/1 gold . Buying USD
    at 4 units/1 gold and selling it at 20 USD/1 gold can bring you a
    considerable gain.

Just in case you're not fast enough, and you realise you just bought at
24 instead of 4 usd/1 gold, sell them back quickly and you will only
lose a few "coins”.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that usually countries have a
tax of 1% , wich means everytime you buy or sell something on the
financial marke ... Read more »

Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 1758 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

What do you mean..none knows you ?...ooh i see...let's fix that shall we ?

The world of Anno1777 is very socialy interactive , the more people get to know who you are , the more advantages you will have. Why would i want people to know me ? you may ask, well let’s say you plan on becoming a politician , you will need to be famous so you can get your votes  , none votes for people they don’t know , or maybe you plan to open your own magazine and create a brand with your name , you will want people to buy your article and vote for you , you will acheive all this if people KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

What kind of publicity can i buy within the game  ?

There are 3 types of publicity you can buy:

  • Ads on the site
  • Commercials in newspapers
  • Signatures

Ads on site

  • If you want to buy ads in the game you will need to create your own commercial , to do that go to Advertisment/ My Spots/New Ad.  You will need to fill in the title, the description, the link and upload an image for your commercial. When you fill in the link dialogue of your comercial keep in mind that any outside links are strictly forbidden.

I finished creating my commercial what do i do now ?

  • Now you need to place your commercial on the ad section of the game. To do that you will need to buy a spot go to Advertisment , fill in the form and press OK . The form must contain the ad you wish to run , the number of clicks , price/click offered and the countries where your commercial will be displayed.Your commercial will be listed exclusively by the price/click offered.Clicks are taken into account only if the player hasn’t clicked your commercial in the last 24 hours. If a player clicks ten times on your commercial you wil only pay for 1 click.The price you will offer/click will determine if your ad will be listed first , last or even not at all. To assess your price go to Advertisement/Ads/Active Ads , there you will find the ... Read more »
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 1239 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

I'll teach you 'bout fighting  you just keep that mead comin'

In Anno1777 a player can wear/use attack weapons and defensive armour. Each comes in 10 different types .

  • - Attack weapons type :dagger,mace,sword,spear,flail,axe,bows and arrows,crossbow,gun and rifle.
  • - Defensive armours type :chainmail shirt , elbow guards, shield , leg armour, arm guards , helmet , gauntlets , breastplate,paulders and boots.
  • Each weapon/armour comes with 5 different degrees of quality rated with stars, this means with each star, weapons/armours have better durability and will give you more attack/defence points.
  •  Example :- 1 star dagger can be used in 10 fights and will give you 100 attack points
  •   5 star dagger can be used in 50 fights and will give you 500 attack points.
  • Weapons have a Total Attack bonus and armours have a Total Defence bonus .
  • Attack Points
  • Each weapon you have in your inventory will give you bonus attack points ,depending on their quality  the sum of these points will be your Attack Points.
  • Total atack points
  • Based on your Attack Points and your Wellness the Total Attack is determined. The formula is TA = AP% W where TA – total attack, AP-attack points, W-wellness.
  • Example – if you have 60 % wellness and 3 weapons in your inventory each with 100 attack points, your total attack points will be 300 / 60% meaning your total attack points will be 180.
  • Defence Points
  • Each armour you have in your inventory will give you bonus defence points ,depending on their quality  the sum of these points will be your Defense Points.
  • Total  Defense Points
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 2227 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

This is the good stuff so don't forget to pick up your BONUS

Bonuses are incentives granted by the elected government to players when they meet certain requirements.Bonuses are paid from the budget.The two key elements of a budget are revenues and expenses ; revenues are derived primarily from taxes . When expenses exceed a budget revenues , the governement goes broke, this means that bonuses will no longer be paid until the budget is stabilized. Bonuses in the game are mostly related to players activities , attack bonus ,  or work bonus for example ensure that players are paid for their activities , if these bonuses were to seize being paid players will no longer be encouraged to attack or work, therefore the economy will be affected and the consumption of goods will fall ,basically that country will freeze. You can understand now why is extremely important for a government in Anno1777 to maintain a balance between revenues and expenses.

There are 5 types of bonuses in Anno1777

  • 1. Attack bonus – every time a player wins a fight he receives a bonus , according to it’s wellness.

Example : if the attack bonus granted by the government in USA is 2 USD and our attacker has 50% wellness he will receive 1 USD for his successfull attack.This bonus is paid instantly by the budget everytime a player succeeds attacking a target.

  • 2.Direct slave bonus ( Slaves owner bonus) – for every direct slave you own the budget pays you a bonus according to your wellness , direct slaves can be aquired by means of attack or by aquisition from the Slave market. You can collect this bonus once every 24 hours by going to the Bonuses tab in the main menu.
  • 3.Referrer Bonus – for every permanent slave you own the budget pays you a bonus according to your wellness. Permanent slaves are aquired when a player enlists in the game through your refferal link or they can be purchased from the Slave Market/ Permanent slaves section.This bonus can also be collected only once every 24 hours.
  • 4.Complete profile bonus – You are entitled to this bonus if your profile/pics is/are fully updated and approved by the government of your country.You can collect this bonus once every 24 hours by going to the Bonus ... Read more »
Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 2300 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

I'll show you what to do
It’s your first day in anno and have no idea how to start making some money. You’re balance is 0 and you don’t plan on investing any money until you figure out the game. Well then we better get to work. We can start attacking as soon as we’ve created the account and logged in , obviously. We can do that by going  to the fight tab, a series of targets will be displayed , choose one with strength same as yours and click on the attack tab. If you’re attack was succesfull ( and they usually are) you should have just conquered you’re first slave and also cashed in a bonus in local currency. Each goverment pays a bonus for every fight you win.  Our new conquered slave will be immune to attacks for a period of 20 minutes, during this time you could/should sell him on the slave market , so you wont lose it , wich will probably happen sooner or later.

If in your country the attack bonus is 2 USD for example you will get that bonus according to your wellness stats , if your wellnes is at 100% you will get 2 USD if it’s at 10% you’ll get 0.2 USD if it’s at 50% youll get 1 USD.Now you understand why it’s important to keep your wellness as close to 100% as possible (wich will be very difficult, but you can maintain 70% wellness within a day period ). with a full set of clothes , q5 wich means quality lvl 5 , and a rented house that can provide another 5 points of wellnes

Since you’ ve just begun playing your wellnes is probably at 10%, so the only thing we can do in our first day is to attack and sell the slaves we conquered on the slave market. To do that we’ll go to the slave market tab and check the prices first. They usually sell for around 0.2 gold going up till 0.9 depending on the bonus awarded by the goverment of youre country ( this bonus greatly influences the s ... Read more »

Category: Finished Tutorials | Views: 3800 | Added by: Vrillx | Date: 2010-10-07

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