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Main » 2010 » October » 7 » ELECTION AND POLITICS
8:22 PM

This here is pure gold, so pay attention

Welcome to the dirty world of politics. You thought things suck only in the real world ? You probably havn’t been playing anno for too long.If you plan on becoming a politician, you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will bring you a few steps closer you your goal.

To run for the office you will have to have a full profile and pay a 5 gold tax as signup for the elections.

First we want people to know who we are.

How can we do that ?

  • Media – People read newspapers everyday, your face in an article and a powerfull message can bring you a few votes when the time comes. Give as many interviews . During your media campaign use one short sentence , like obama used "CHANGE” , or "NO TAXES” people seem to like that stuff.
  • It’s election day – Start sending messages to as many players you can, be brief, no one reads more then 3 lines and don’t spam or they’ll get mad and won’t vote for you, Just present yourself and what you’ll wanna do once you get elected.
  • When all this fails you can always buy your way into the office. You’ll be surprised how many people will offer you their vote for 1 gold piece. If you choose this method though expect your name to be tarnished forever in the game , the opposition will always remember you how you got elected and why you shouldn’t be in the government. But hey ….you did got elected so it’s up to you to decide wich end justifies the means.

What can you do as a govenor ?

  • Main role of a governor is to pass laws , there are 19 seats including the president wich has 6 votes , the governor only has 1 vote.
  • Propose a law to grant high bonuses and lower taxes and people will cheer for you. Be carefull though they will quickly forget all your "good deeds” if the budget runs dry.
  • The budget is fueled with all 3 types of currency euro, gold and usd , the bonuses are always paid in local currency so if you have gold or euro in the budget  you will sell it on the  financial market , you can do that as a governor.

   The goverment can vote  themselves a salary in the local currency it can be 1 usd or 50 usd , but be prepared for a mutiny if people feel you are stealing their money.

Didn't i tell you it was easy ? Just buy some votes , pay some commercials and you'll be a governor in no time.
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