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Main » 2010 » October » 7 » ANNO1777 in 132 questions (First Part)
8:23 PM
ANNO1777 in 132 questions (First Part)
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1.What is Anno1777?

2.How do i open an account ?

3.Why am i asked to give out my phone number ?

4.How do i verify my phone number ?

5.Why am i asked to give out my phone number ?

6.How can you make real money playing ?

7.Who pays the money withdrawn by players from the game ?

8.There are a lot of currencies in the game . Wich ones can be exchanged for real money ?

9.How do i make a deposit of real money in the game ?

10.How do i withdraw money from the game ?

11.How long until i get my money ?

12.How can i make money in the game ?

13.What is "WELLNESS” ?

14.When and and how Wellness diminishes ?

15.How do i keep my Wellness high ?

16.How many types of clothes are there ?

17.What types of food are there ?

18.How many times/day can i eat ?

19.How many types of houses are there ?

20.Where is my Inventory ?

21.How do i buy products ?

22.How do i move to another region ?

23.How many means of transportation are there ?

24.How do i travel without losing any wellness ?

25.How do i buy a carriage or a hot air baloon ?

26.How do i change citizenship ?

27.How do i upload a picture ?

28.How do i fill in my profile ?

29.What is a government bonus?

30.How do i get my bonus ?

31.Why do i pay taxes and to who’m do i pay them ?

32.How many types of fights are there ?

33.How many times/day can i fight ?

34.What is a slave ?

35.How many types of slaves are there ?

36.How do i gain a lot of direct slaves ?

37.What is a permanent slave and how do i gain them ?

38.What kind of taxes do i receive from a permanent slave ?

39.How do i block a slave ?

40.Why would i pay to block a slave ?

41.How do i sell a slave ?

42.What taxes do i pay when i transfer slaves ?

43.How do i buy slaves ?

44.How do i attack another player ?

45.How is the winner decided in a battle ?

46.What kind of weapons are there ?

47.How do i buy weapons ?

48.Where can i see how many weapons i have ?

49.How many weapons can i buy ?

50.How do i calculate attack points ? What about defence points ?

51.How do you determine the total attack ? What about total defence ?

52.What is the economic rating and how do i raise it ?

53.What is productivity ?

54.How do i get a job ?

55.How long a workday lasts ?

56.The salary listed is different form what i receive

57.How often can i work within a day’s period ?

58.Who can open companies in Anno1777 ?

59.How do i open a company ?

60.How much will it cost me to open a new company ?

61.How does a company work ?

62.What kind of raw materials are there ?

63.How do i create a workplace for my company ?

64.How do i open a new branch ?

65.How do i sell my products ?

66.What is a license ?

67.How do i buy a license ?

68.How do i sell a license ?

69.How do i see what products i sold with my company ?

70.What is a "mean of production” ?

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