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Main » 2010 » October » 8 » ANNO1777 in 132 questions (Second Part)
3:37 AM
ANNO1777 in 132 questions (Second Part)
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71.Where can i see the status of my "means of production” ?

72.How do i sell a means of production ?

73.How do i buy a means of production ?

74.What are the key elements of the financial market ?

75.How do we define stocks ?

76.How do i buy stocks ?

77.Where can i see my stockholdings ?

78.How do i sell my stockholdings ?

79.When do i receive money for owned stocks ?

80.How do you define bonds ?

81.How do i buy bonds ?

82.How do i sell bonds ?

83.What taxes do i pay on the exchange market (Gold/local currency market) ?

84.How many exchange markets are there ?

85.How do i buy or sell currency ?

86.How do i open a bank account ?

87.Where can i see my bank accounts ?

88.How do i make a deposit or withdrawal ?

89.How do i transfer money to other players ?

90.What is a deposit account (notice account) and how do i open one ?

91.How do i take a credit ?

92.How long till i have to pay my credit ?

93.Is there a limit to the amount of money i can borrow ?

94.When do i have to pay back a loan and how do i pay the interest ?

95.How do i pay a loan ?

96.Can i pay a credit in advance ?

97.What happens if i don’t have enough money to pay for my credit ?

98.Who governs a country ?

99.When do we have elections ?

100.Who can participate in the elections ?

101.How do i take part in the elections ?

102.How much will it cost to run for the governor/president office ?

103.How do i in crease my chances to win the election ?

104.What determines who wins the elections ?

105.What do i get if i’m elected ?

106.What do i do as a governor ?

107.Where can i find the government administration interface ?

108.Im a governor how do i propose new laws ?

109.Who can propose or vote laws ?

110.Laws – Voting process

111.What are the president privilleges ?

112.How do i resign from office ?

113.Where can i see what laws have been proposed ?

114.How many types of publicity are there ?

115.How do i make a commercial ?

116.Am i allowed to publicize outside products or external links ?

117.Can i upload adult pictures in my commercials ?

118.How do i modifiy or delete a commercial ?

119.How do i buy publicity on the site ?

120.What decides the order in wich ads appear on site ?

121.If a player clicks ten times on my add will i be charged ten times ?

122.What price/click should i offer ?

123.How do i delete an ad that’s already running ?

124.How do i modify an ad that’s already running ?

125.How do i suspend an ad that’s already running ?

126.How do i buy publicity in magazines ?

127.Where in the article are my ads listed ?

128.What is a signature ?

129.How do i buy signatures ?

130.I just bought a signature . How do i modify it ?

131.How do i modify my own signature ?

132.How do i sell my signature ?

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